A few thoughts about the open class


In general, the open classes we had were very helpful to me, especially in terms of getting different opinions from outside of the class. By using twitter and blog in the class routine, the module is no longer restricted to physical space and time. All internet users can join the class and speak freely about their views. From my own experience, I think I have spent more time than expected for participating in the online discussion, at least on reading them. Not only I get a chance to read other blogs and tweets during the class, I also found that these discussions online cover more aspects than the ones I often had in the classroom. In addition, with the help of smart phone and tablet, it also seems natural to get involved in the topic after the class. Since the twitter automatically pushes notifications of the new tweets and suggests new accounts to me. Sometimes, I found myself unintentionally reading new tweets on my way home, during cooking, before bed, etc. It was like these tweets and blogs have a “corrosive influence” on my learning habit somehow. I guess it is like what happens when people check social media in their daily life—it takes more time than expected.


Personally, I am very careful when it comes to sharing on social media in daily life. Maybe because of this “over consciousness” of over sharing online, I am very cautious about tweeting in the class as well. Posting my opinions to the world feels different than speak them out in a class. My notes are no longer just for me. I always want to put them in clear and persuasive language for all potential participations in this open class and join the #EDU8213 discussion. What is more, the twitter’s 140-character limit has been another challenge. As a result, it takes longer than expected for me to tweet notes during the class. Although I have tried my best, I ended up doing more reading than posting.


One thing good about blogging is the fact that it makes me to review everything that the class has discussed after school. This is a very effective way for me to sort out the main points covered in the class and go over them again—it works as a reinforcement for getting the knowledge. However, it is a little different from just taking review notes after class—there are more audiences for blogs. Thus, writing up a blog usually took a little bit more time and effort than just go over the contents covered in the class. It often requires further reading and put all my thoughts together in a well-structured text.


In a word, I think open class has its advantages and challenges. By subtlety influence me to read more and encourage me to think deeper, it has definitely stimulated me to learn than any traditional classes did. I guess the only challenge for me is to tweet with more confident.





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